What is Administration Login IP Address

This is the IP address in which routers such as Linksys and additional computer systems will use as a way to gain access to their gateway location within the network. Some businesses will use this IP address as a way for the managers of the network to use in their attempt to set up and arrange their routers and networks. Certain Security Options, Network Management, IP QoS, DNS, proxy, LAN WAN WLAN locations, as well as DSL, ADSL, MAC, WPS block, and many others, can be physically managed from this IP address.

Most Common Logins
  • Username / Password
  • admin / admin57%
  • / admin10%
  • admin / password8%
  • none / admin6%
  • none / none5%
  • admin / 12345%
  • / admin3%
  • / 12343%
  • admin / none2%
  • guest / guest2%

Login to the IP Address in 5 Simple Steps

When you must login in to the IP address there are certain steps that must be followed which will permit you to gain access through the routers admin.  These steps will permit the necessary variations that your router software makes available for the appropriate settings and configurations.

Step 1:  The first thing you must do is one of two things: you can either click the hyperlink http// or actually type the web address into your computer’s browser address bar.

Step 2:  If either one of these methods brings up an error message, this indicates that your router’s IP address is not You will need to search for the actual router IP address of your computer another way.

You can find the default IP Router address by accessing the following list by searching the internet on the following link Default Router Username and Password List. This link will take you to a list of several router brands along with their Login IP address.

Step 3:  When you have discovered the IP address to your router, you will then be presented with browser’s URL address. Once this happens, you will be shown the way to your “user login panel” in which your will be presented with the router user and password.

Step 4:  Due to the reality of identity theft; there is a need to have a secret password and username for everything you log into on the internet. This can become very confusing should you forget what your username or password (or both) is. However, this is easily remedied by following the simple instructions to recover and/or reset your username, password, or both. There is a list of router default usernames and passwords that you can refer to that you will find along with the router when you receive it.  This list can help you to reset and recover your username and password, just so long as you have not altered the default username and password.

Step 5:  The final and fifth step to logging into the IP address admin panel, is to revise and alter the internet settings and set up a username and password that is familiar to you and easy for you remember; just do not make it easy enough for a professional computer hacker to figure out. Never use one of your children’s names or the name of a pet. These are the first things a person who is attempting to steal your identity is going to try when they make an effort to hack into your account.

Some of the Problems you can Experience when logging in

Some of the common problems you may come across when attempting to login to the IP address might be encountering a problem with the router username and password list. You can locate this list in order to find some of the default credentials that may be available. This list will only be available if you have yet to amend the router’s username and password.

One of the most frustrating login problems can be the forgetting of your username and/or password.  The easiest way to retrieve this information, if you have never changed the original username or password is to look up this information using the router serial number and login address that is located on the label of the router.

However, if you have changed the password and username, you can reset the router or modem to the original factory settings in order to change your password and username. A wireless router or ADSL modem has a reset button that is hidden; in order to reset the router back to the original factory settings, you will need to use a needle or toothpick to depress this button for ten seconds so that you can reset the router.

If you have never changed the username or password, check the default username and password list so that you can login to your router.  In order to locate your router’s passwords, you can do online to look for the password by clicking on the following link https://19216811.wiki/default-router-passwords .

You can access the link but do not enter the correct username and password

In order to login in to the IP address you can do this in several different methods. You can log in to the site at by typing in your browser’s address bar manually; or you can gain access to the site through the router admin panel. The way to do this is through IP QoS, DNS, Proxy, LAN, WAN, network management, security options, WLAN settings, PPPOE, MAC, WPS, DSL, and a DHCP client.

You can manually find the IP address of your browser by accessing the following article. When you are seeking a certain IP address for your router you can start with the address 192.168. In general, it is typical that most web IP addresses start with of 1.1.

The first option is for the WINDOWS and the start command is to type in the prompt (Start >Search box> cmd) ; then type in the command  “ipconfig” in order for you to discover where the default gateway it.  If your computer is hooked up to a wireless network (WIFI) instead of the LAN then the wireless network is referred to as an Ethernet adapter called the Ethernet.

There are several other internet connection options, such as MACOS, LINUX, iOS (Apple iPhone), ANDROID, CHROME OS, or several other default IP Addresses.

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