How to create iCloud (Apple ID) account?

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Create an account iCloud is very important for users of iPhone, iPad, Mac OS. But there are many people who still don’t know how to set up or event don’t know what iCloud acc is, what a pity! In this article, I’m going to introduce you on how to sign up iCloud.

What is Apple ID?

Apple ID account is an all in one account, allowing users to access to the abundant resources of Apple. Because Apple ID can be used on many products and services that Apple provides, it is also known as the Apple account, MobileMe account, iCloud account, Mac account , iTunes Store account, and the iChat account.

So you can call it iCloud or Apple ID acc, both of them are ok.

How to create Apple ID?

As in some posts about iOS I’ve written, to make this kind of account, there are usually 3 ways:

Option 1: Register though website on the computer

Option 2: Register though your iPhone, iPad

Option 3: Though iTunes

Create an Apple ID account ( iCloud) on Mac OS, PC

Up to now, I know that there are 2 ways of creating Apple ID account (iCloud) : Directly register at Home page and Register through iTunes app. However, I think the first one is easier and faster so I’ll guide you guys.

Step 1: Access Here.

Step 2: To successfully register for the first time, fill in all the information as below:

create your apple id


  • In the Password: There must be at least 8 characters, including capital letters and numbers. Here, I choose a password that includes uppercase, lowercase, special characters and numbers.
  • Select questions and answers in the “Security Questions“: Save those 3 questions because you’ll use it to reset/ unlock your account
  • Enter another backup email address in the “Rescue Email Address


Step 3: After filling all the information and select Continue, there will be a confirmation notification though Mail.

Step 4: Check Mail and confirm

And confirm successful account activation!

So, you guy have successfully registered an Apple ID, it is easy, rite?

Besides, you also have had MobileMe acc, iCloud acc, Mac acc, iTunes Store and iChat account!

How to register/create iCloud account on iPhone/iPad

Below are 3 detailed steps to register for  iCloud  on your iPhone/iPad..

Step 1: Visit the create Apple ID free function – Create Apple ID Free

Go to Settings- Settings> iCloud and select Create Apple ID Free – Create Free Apple ID as shown below. Creating ICloud account also means creating a new Apple ID and it is completely free.


Step 2: Fill in the information

1. First, enter your Date of birth as well as your Name

Note: You should remember those information to recover your account in case of forgetting your password.


2. You’ve got 2 options:

  • Use your current email address
  • Get a free iCloud email address

Here, I choose to create a new iCloud email address. Click Next. You need to enter a new username that no one has ever made before. You can add a number or a special character to make a difference. Completed, click Next, and then click Create.

Note: No need to enter because it has already been defaulted.

Get a free iCloud email address

If you choose the first option, after registration you have to check mail to activate your account.


3. Create your iCloud password

Create your password which includes uppercase, lowercase and numbers or something different, but 3 first requirements above are compulsory. Re-enter your password then click Next.

4. Select security questions

You’ll have to select and answers 3 ones. Try to remember both questions and answers for account recovery in case of forgetting password. Click Next.

Note: You do not get the same answers to the 3 questions.

5. Enter the rescue email address

If you have forgotten your iCloud password, it will be one way for you to retrieve your password via mail sent from Apple. In this section you can also skip if it does not matter. Click Next.

Step 3: Agree on the terms of service of the Apple

No need to read, just press Agree on the terms of service that Apple poses, most of them relate to the laws of the United States. After agreeing on the terms above, you will wait a few seconds until your account is successfully created, and you can select OK to use “Find my iPhone” feature with iCloud account.

Agree on the terms of service of the Apple

In addition, users can use Gmail to set up and sign in their iCloud account. Using Gmail account is the same as using iCloud account (the same functions.)

Note: For iOS 7 and above,  iCloud account will be extremely important. If you forget your password, you will not be able to Active your device when restoring or running software.

Create an iCloud account in iTunes

Step 1: Open iTunes software and choose Appstore.Create-an-iCloud-account-in-iTunes

Step 2: Then, choose a free app here. Here, I choose Facebook Messenger for example.


Step 3: Choose Create Apple ID as the image below:


Step 4: The dialog box pops up and you select Continue, then click Agree on the terms of use of Apple.

Step 5: Fill in your information:

+ Select Billing Address: Mr., Ms., Mrs. (By gender).

+ Complete your full name.

+ Fill in whatever addresses but if Account Apple ID is in the US, you must enter correct State, Zip Code, and the first phone number of that state.

+ For Account Apple ID in VN, you should fill in your correct address to remember.


– Done, click Create Apple ID.

Step 6: Notification requires you to confirm your creating Apple ID account in the verification email that has been sent to your email address. Do not click on OK yet.


Step 7: Check your Email and select Verify now.


Then the confirmation of your account has been done. Now, you can use it to download game, apps or services…that require Apple ID.

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