How to send email via Hotmail

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To be convenient to exchange information via email, after successfully registering Hotmail, we’ll log into Hotmail account to send email to our relatives and friends.

Sending email is not difficult for people who usually use computer, however, it will become quite complicated for people who still have to learn how to use computer or Internet.

In this article, I will guide you how to send email via Hotmail and how to send attachments with an email.

Step 1: Log in Hotmail After having successfully created Hotmail account, access the address: to log in Hotmail.
Step 2: Click on NEW to start composing email
Step 3: Fill in the information
Fill in the information about: the Email address to which you send your email, the Email title, content of the Email.
Step 4: Insert an attachment into email

If you want to send more than one attachment, you can compress files into one file, then attach it to the outgoing email.
Step 5: Complete the process of sending email via Hotmail
So, with some simple steps, we can send email as well as attachments to email addresses of your relatives, friends or coworkers via Hotmail.