How to enable two-step verification Hotmail

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Two-step verification mode when you log in will keep your Hotmail (or Microsoft) account safer. Because, besides usual password, you also need the security code sent via mobile phone or secondary email address to log into your account.

Like Google account, Microsoft account is synchronized and interconnected with its many services. Only with a single account, you can log in to SkyDrive, Hotmail, Outlook, Skype, Windows Phone, … and especially Windows 8 (which is able to synchronize, backup data). Therefore, if you accidentally lost your Microsoft account, personal information and data in Windows can be stolen.

“Prevention is better than cure“, you’d better to activate the two-step verification feature for your Microsoft account.

Please visit: and log in with your Microsoft account. Next, verify the security code sent via SMS or email to you if you previously set personal phone number or secondary email for your Microsoft account. If not, skip this step.

The first thing you should do before enabling two-step verification is to add your phone number or secondary email.

Add a phone number: In Your security info protects your account page, click the link Add under Phone number field, select area code: US (+1), enter the phone number into the box (remember to remove the first 0), select Text item in Verify via phone click Next. Next, you enter the confirmation code sent to your phone number click Next to finish.add-a-phone-numberAdd an alternate email address: Click the link under Alternate email address field, enter the alternate email address click Next enter the confirmation code sent to the mailbox click Next

Now, to enable two-step verification mode as logon, still at Your security info protects your account, click the link Set up two-step verification under Two-step verification field. On the page opening, click Next twice.setup-two-step-verificationNow, a security code will be sent to your alternate email or mobile phone by Microsoft, enter the code you received in the box Code click Next Done.

From now on, when you log in Hotmail account on the device which has not been verified, you have to confirm your security code, this code will be sent automatically to the phone number which has been set before.

To get the security code via email, click on the link Use a different verification option. Then open the message or access to the mailbox to view then enter the code you received into Code box.

To confirm the service that the device on which you are accessing is safe and do not require a security code when you log in afterwards, please select the item I sign in frequently on this device. Don’t ask me for a code. Finally, click Submit.