Which is the best Email service in 2019?

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In ancient times, to own an email account is very expensive while fax machine is cheap, but in the era of information explosion today, owning a fax machine becomes too expensive while email is almost free. You can easily find a service that helps you to send email quickly without spending a penny, so, let’s take a roll call free email services with advanced features which are used by many people.

If you are wondering what email service you should use, so, please refer to our detailed assessment below.

Which best email service in 2019 should be used?

Top 1: Gmail (Google’s email service) (recommended)

Gmail, for many years, has been seemed as the best, fastest, easiest – to – use Email service that users highly appreciate as well as technology experts recommend.

These are impressive points of the Gmail service which makes sure you will like it:

  • Send and receive emails superfast.
  • The simple interface which is easy to use.
  • Integrating many useful Google services such as Google Photos, Google Drive, Hangouts …
  • Attach files up to 15 GB.
  • Preeminent Spam and Advertising messages Filters.
  • Register multiple accounts.
  • Support for Android, IOS.
  • All free

Top 2: Outlook/ Hotmail (Email service of Mircosoft)

Microsoft is quite inappreciable in their products, I remember that we had SkyDrive for online storage, but only months later there was OneDrive for replacement, I was also impressed by the action of leaving users of Window Phone 6.5 or “spectacular death” of Windows Phone 7, when mentioning the company’s e-mail, I used to think that Hotmail, Live, MSN belong to it, sometimes I also think they are one and do not know whether Microsoft has any other online mailboxes or not.

Hotmail is also quite good and preferred by a lot of users, especially businessmen, they can easily own a domain- name inbox in Hotmail.

Top 3: Yahoo mail ( Email service of Yahoo)

Yahoo mail is an email service no less worth to use than Gmail, Microsoft mail. Some features of Yahoo mail which are worth to be mentioned includes: completely free, storage capacity up to 1TB, supporting Android, iOS, Windows Phone …