8 attractive features of Hotmail

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Schedule cleanup

The Schedule cleanup feature allows you to delete all messages which are sent from an email address at certain time. This feature is quite useful if you’re frequently disturbed by advertising messages or auto newsletters from social networking.

To delete messages sent from an email address, tick one of any messages sent from that person, select Sweep Schedule cleanup. In Schedule cleanup dialog, tick one of three options “clean”: Only keep the latest message from this sender (delete entire previous letters, only retain the latest one of this person), Delete all messages older than xx days (delete all messages sent more than xx days ago, xx is the number of days you choose), Move all messages older than xx days to yy (move messages sent more than xx days ago to yy folder, yy is the name of any folders). Then you press OK to delete or move mail.

Stop receiving junk mail

If you accidentally subscribed to receive newsletter from a website and then feel tired of receiving a lot of unnecessary messages, One-click Unsubscribe feature will help you to get out of this situation. To do this, click to see the newsletter then click SweepUnsubscribe. After clicking Unsubscribe, you will not receive newsletter from that website anymore.

Flag important messages

To make it easy to find important messages, you can flag messages. Messages which are flagged will be constantly ranked at the top of your mailbox. To flag a message, drag the mouse into the message, and then click on the white flag icon (beside the title of the letter). Messages which are flagged will be always ranked at the top of the mailbox, no matter how long they were received.

Send beautiful photo albums to your relatives

When you want to share images via email to your friends, Hotmail support you to send photos in a new style. Images which you upload will be automatically arranged into an album with beautiful interface. When composing a message, click Photos to select images you want to send.

When the upload process takes place, move to the Save files on Sky Drive card. When the upload is complete, images which are uploaded will be arranged in an album which is included in the content of the message. Click on the New folder to name the album. Then press Send. The recipient will receive a letter containing the album, together with two options: View photos (see photos in their original sizes) and Download all (download whole images to his/her computer).

Attach large files

By default, Hotmail only support users in sending attachment which has capacity up to 25 MB. However, Microsoft has now integrated SkyDrive in mailbox, which will allow you to send unlimited capacity attachments. Now, the file which you send to others will also be stored on SkyDrive.

When the file attachment is larger than 25 MB, a message will appear to notify the error. You only need press Send as online file to upload that file to SkyDrive file and then send it to others.

If you want to always send attachments via SkyDrive, go to Options More optionsAttachments. Then tick the Always send files using SkyDrive and click Save.

Avoid forgetting to send attachments

Forgotten Attachment Detector feature is quite useful when you compose a message in English, it helps you not forget to attach files. If the content of your letter has the letters such as “Attachments“, “see attachments” or “find in attachments“, Hotmail will imply that this letter must be attached files.
If you accidentally forget to attach files, Send without attachments? notification will appear. Then, click Go back to go back and attach files. Or click Send Now to send the message immediately without attachments.

Show message management button

Instant Actions is a feature which supports users to display message management taskbar. This feature allows you to perform tasks with just one click. Specifically, when dragging into each letter, you will see that the taskbar has three icons: mark unread messages, delete messages, flag.
You can customize the taskbar, add some more features such as Sweep, Move letters … for faster manipulation. Go to Options More options … Instant actions. Next, click Add actions and select additional actions to add into the task bar, including: Move to (move letters), Categorize- (sort mail), Sweep (sweep letters), Junk (move into the spam box). Then press Save.

Hierarchical folders system

To help users manage messages more conveniently, Hotmail allows you to create more subfolders in the available folder. Click right-click on the name of the folder, select New subfolder to create a subfolder. Additionally, you can also drag and drop the A folder into B folder to set A as the subfolder of B. Managing messages according to hierarchical folder system will become quicker and more convenient.