Gmail: Composing Mail, Attachments and Signatures

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After sign up Gmail account, if this is the first time you have ever used, you might feel like fish out of the water. However, if you refer to instructions, you will be master at using Gmail soon. At the first place, let’s take a look on Composing Mail, Attachments and Signatures because this is the main task of it!

How to send and receive email with Gmail?

Instructions on how to send and receive electronic mail (E-mail) with Gmail. Gmail is now one of the most popular email services which sends and receives messages super fast.

Instruction on how to send email with Gmail

  1. Step 1: Sign in Gmail by using addresses: or
  2. Step 2: Click “Compose Mail” located above the folder listCompose-Mail gmail
  3. Step 3: The “Compose Mail” window to send messages appears. However this is the tool to compose messages quickly, click the double arrow button shown below in order to switch to a larger window which is more comfortable to compose messages.
  4. Step 4: The window of “Compose Mail” of Gmail is larger (If you want to shrink as Step 3, click the double arrow).

Instructions on how to use Gmail’s new interface for composing messages

  1. Enter the email address of recipients and the message header.
  2. Zoom out (-), zoom (↔), close (x) to close “Compose Mail” window. Cc: Add more emails of recipients. Bcc: Add more emails of recipients.
  3. Editor Tools. Which are in turn: Formating options, attach  files  which are under 25MB, insert files using Drive which are larger than 25MB, insert photo, insert links, insert emoticon.
  4. Discard Draft : Delete emails that are being composed. Down arrow symbol: More advanced options such as print, check spelling.
  5. Frame editor of Gmail.composing-a-message GMail
  6. Once finished composing a message, press the Send button to send the letter. Successful mail sending will be notified. You can review the messages in the Sent Mail in Gmail’s left menu.

Note: While composing a message, your message will be automatically saved in the Drafts until submitted.

Instructions on how to receive mail (Email) with Gmail

You can view the messages that others send to you in the Inbox, if you can’t see the messages, you should also look in the Spam.
receive-email Gmail

How to send email to multiple addresses at the same time

Sending an email to many people at the same time helps you not repeat the familiar manipulations when sending an email with the same content to many people. By this way, you will save a lot of time. In addition to, you can apply this trick to other email services such as Outlook/Hotmail, Yahoo mail.

What are Cc and Bcc in Gmail?

When composing mail in Gmail, you will see Cc and Bcc at least one time for sure, but you don’t know what they mean. In this article, let’s find out what they exactly are!

When entering email address of the recipient in “To:” box, you’re certainly curious about these two lines of words: Cc and Bcc on the right of “To:” box. Have you ever tried to click on them?

What is Cc?

Cc is actually short for Carbon copy.

We use Cc feature to send one email to many people at the same time and these recipients can see the list of other email addresses which also receive this email.


What is Bcc?

In fact, Bcc is short for “Blind carbon copy”.

Bcc is almost the same as Cc. However, the difference is that recipients added in Bcc can not see the list of other email addresses to which this email is also sent.

It means, in the recipient’s email address, there’s only him/her.

When do we use Cc or Bcc?

  • Use Cc when you’re not afraid of the fact that the recipients know you send that email to many other people.
  • Use Bcc when you don’t want the recipients know that you send that email to many other people.

The recipient will know that you’ve send this email to many other people

1. Add more recipients directly in the “To:” box
After typing an email address, you type “,”, then continue to type the next email address. The same with other email addresses.

The information of sender when you send email in this way will be like: The recipients will know all email addresses to which you’ve sent this email.

2. Add more recipients with Cc option

In the “To:” box of the composing mail window, click on the Cc in the right.

Then appearing Cc box below “To:” box, you enter the email addresses to which you want to send this mail with the main email address in the Cc box. [the email address typed in the “To:” box will be the main email address to receive mail.]
The information of the sender when you send email in this way will be like: The recipients will see the “Carbon copy” email.

The recipients don’t know you’ve sent this email to many other people

In the Bcc box of the composing mail window, click on the Bcc on the right.

Then appearing Bcc box under “To:” box, you enter the email addresses to which you want to send this mail with the main email address in the Bcc box. [The email address typed in the “To:” box will be the main email address to receive mail.]


The sender information when you send email in this way will be like: There’s only recipient’s email address in the sender information.

How to send files, documents, photos via Gmail

With this email service, you can send documents to your friends or fellow – workers in a very short of time. And, of course this function will be found on Gmail. You can send files and documents through Gmail with a maximum capacity up to 15 GB. Let’s try!

Note: If it is a folder, you should compress it before sending.

  • Step 1: Log in Gmail account.
  • Step 2 Click Compose to compose new messages.
  • Step 3: You can attach files, documents and photos into your messages you are going to send.
  • Step 4: For sending  files which are over 25 MB, there will be many more “procedures”, which is attached file through the Google Drive service. Press  to continue.
  • Step 5: Choose the Upload tab then click Select files from your computer or Drag files
  • Step 6: After selecting the file, click the “Upload” button to begin the process of uploading files. Faster or slower speed depends on the size of files that you upload.
  • Step 7: After successfully uploading the file, it will be enclosed to your Gmail messages (as shown below). Then, you can compose mail and send it right now!

Create signature in Gmail

Not only creating signature in Gmail mail aims to avoid impersonation, but also the information in the Gmail signature is useful for people to contact with each other in the fastest and most convenient way as well as completely introduce about oneself.

Here’s how to create signature including complete information about you as fastest as possible:
Above is the main interface when you log in Gmail. Click on the setting icon at the top right corner of the Gmail mailbox, a new window will appear like Image 2:

Click on the Settings, window will display main functions of gmail mailbox’s configuration. When you scroll down to the bottom, you will see the signature item as shown below:

Select Plain Text and then you can type your complete contact information including your full name, self-painted or snapshoted signature and copy paste into this bracket depends on the layout, above is my example for making contact information in the signature box.

You should not check on the line Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the “- -” line that precedes it because if you insert the signature  before the answered content, it won’t be pleasant to the eyes, therefore, you should uncheck the box so that the signature will appear beneath the mail paragragh you write. Then click Save changes.

So, you have already created your own Gmail signature!

Hope that you’ll use Gmail better!

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